About us


Analysis and Synthesis of Human and Machine Motion

Robolab has long-standing excellence in the field of man and machine movement analysis, artificial and natural motor control, and psycho physiology measurements. The group has good track in robotic research and applications in clinical as well as in industrial environment.

In the past, founders of the laboratory have played the pioneering role in the development of Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES). The synthesis of simple walking pattern of persons with spinal cord injuries is internationally recognized as original achievement in rehabilitation of paraplegic patients.

In present time, the members of the Robolab are making innovations and development of novel robot devices and solutions for diagnostics and training in rehabilitation and sport. Sophisticated human-robot motion coordination is the common denominator of the research on exoskeletons, bionic prostheses and advanced human assistance systems.  In this respect, the technologies of haptic man-machine interfaces, wearable motion, and psycho physiology sensors are developed and implemented in different applications. Recent achievements come from the upper arm training including also virtual reality, lower-limb prosthesis and exoskeleton control. Motion tracking, diagnostics and dynamic modelling were lately applied in rowing, ski jumping, and preterm newborns.



Providing a competitive advantage to the Slovenian industry, Robolab is active also in evolution of robotic technology for industrial users. Several complex assembly robot cells and solutions were developed and introduced in Slovenian electro and automotive industry. One of the focus areas is robot contact with environment, for example deburring. Another activity domain present contact and noncontact measurements accompanied with manipulation in various industrial fields.  An original large scale robotic telescopic handler that was introduced into building construction in partnership with Trimo, was awarded the EU technology transfer award. Robolab is cooperating with robotic companies and users, as well as with a number of EU partners.